Frequently Asked Questions Page

1. What documentation is necessary for SAT travel?

Travelers must present one of the following original documents: a copy of their national ID, residence ID, or passport ID.

2. What payment options are available when booking via the website?

When booking through the website, payments can be made using credit cards (Visa and MasterCard).

3. What should be done in case of issues during the website booking process?

If any problems occur while booking on the website, please contact our customer service at 920018221 to report the issue.

4. What is the procedure for modifying or upgrading a ticket?

Trip schedule adjustments can be made in the following ways:

- Visit our website and make changes through the Reservation Management feature.

- Visit one of our widely located stations in different cities.

When modifying the destination, you can do so by visiting a nearby station. If the adjusted ticket's price matches the original value, there will be no additional fee. However, if the new ticket price is higher, the price difference must be paid.

5. How can I cancel my reservation?

Cancellation can be done through various methods:

- Refunds are available at SAT (SAT Alsa For Transportation) stations, or through SAT Alsa For Transportation agencies (depending on the agency).

- Reservations canceled with over 48 hours' notice from the scheduled departure time will be refunded, with a 5% administrative fee deducted.

- Reservations canceled with less than 48 hours' notice from the scheduled departure time will be refunded, with a 30% administrative fee deducted.

- Reservations canceled less than 1 hour before the scheduled departure time are not eligible for any refund.

- Special conditions apply to discounted tickets, pre-purchased tickets, and promotional tickets, so please refer to the promotion terms.

- Refund requests may take up to 14 business days to process.

6. Are there additional charges for excess luggage?

An additional fee is required if your luggage exceeds the allowable weight (50KG for adults, 25KG for children). The extra fee is 2 SAR per each additional kg.

7. What should be done if luggage is damaged or lost?

If your luggage is damaged or lost upon arrival, report the missing luggage to station personnel immediately, within 15 minutes of the trip's arrival. The company is not responsible for valuable luggage losses, and compensation for lost baggage registered with the company's systems is capped at a maximum of 350 SR per piece after legal procedures are completed and the missing item's luggage sticker is available.

8. Is there compensation for personal losses?

According to the company's policy, no compensation is provided for personal losses inside the bus, and such matters are the responsibility of the passenger.

9. Are there special student discounts?

SAT offers special 50% discounts for school and university students.

10. Does SAT offer services or promotions for individuals with disabilities?

SAT provides offers for people with disabilities.

11. Do people with disabilities receive faster service on the bus?

Special service points have been designated to assist individuals with disabilities, facilitating quicker processing of their needs.

12. Will the driver continue the trip in case of adverse weather conditions?

The decision is contingent on the condition and severity of the situation.

13. Will passengers be notified if a trip is delayed or canceled?

In case of trip delays or cancellations, passengers will receive a text message on the mobile number registered with the reservation. Ensure the correctness of the phone number during booking.

14. What services are provided if a SAT trip is canceled?

The ticket will be transferred to the nearest available alternative trip, with date adjustments if no suitable trip is found.

15. Are pets allowed on SAT trips?

According to the company's policy, pets are not permitted on our trips.

16. Are all buses equipped with refrigerators?

Yes, all buses are equipped with refrigerators.

17. Do you have toilets?

Yes, all buses are equipped with toilets for both male and female.

18. Do you have Wi-Fi onboard?

Yes, free Wi-Fi is available only in VIP buses

19. Is smoking allowed on the bus?

Smoking is prohibited on all SAT trips.

20. Is there an emergency first aid kit on the bus?

All SAT buses are equipped with essential safety equipment, including a fire extinguisher, spare tire, emergency exits, and a first aid kit.

21. Can items or documents be handed to the driver for delivery?

We regret to inform you that it is not authorized to transfer packages or documents through our services. Please consider reaching out to authorized courier companies.

22. What is VAT?

Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax applied to goods and services within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, except for items expressly exempted.

23. What is the VAT percentage for goods and services?

The prescribed VAT rate is 15% and is applicable to goods and services included in the tax.

24. Does VAT apply to SAT services?

Yes, VAT is applicable to SAT services.