Terms of use and registration in the site of Saptco Alsa Transportation “SAT”

Article 1: Introduction

this portal of Saptco Alsa Transportation “SAT” company is available for personal use of customers and companies. the usage and access to this site by a client are subject to the conditions and regulations of the kingdom as well as to the items and conditions of this agreement. the access of the client to the site means his unconditional approval of the terms and conditions of usage whether he was a registered user or not. this approval is valid effective the date of first usage of this site.

Article 2: Nature Of Site

this site is the main site of Saptco Alsa Transportation “SAT” company which provides valued customers basic information about the company and all the services it provides as well as its vision in providing services and displays what is new about it.

Aticle 3: Intellectual Property Rights

the trade name of the company is (Saptco Alsa Transportation “SAT” company) and its trademark is and trademarks registered under its name and the electronic addresses of the company and all site contents in terms of pages, display screens, material, text, images, drawings, designs, forms, files, multimedia, softwares and tabulation thereof are owned by the company which reserves all intellectual property rights that are related to it including the rights of publication and distribution. it is not allowed to reprint these materials or distribute or amend or use for commercial or promotional purposes. additionally, these materials should not be republished without an explicit and written consent of the company which retains its legal right to take necessary measures against any violation to the above rights.

Article 4: Site Use

site management follows-up the site to provide customers with information about its service, facilitate customer communication, provide application for available services and suggestions and complaints of interest to the customer. the services and information of this site are available for circulation in the kingdom of saudi arabia and subject to the laws and regulations of the kingdom. is interested in.

Article 5: Mechanism Of Registration

first: individuals

individual customer can register as site members. the client will be asked to record his national i.d. number, igama number, passport number or a gcc citizen, e-mail address, password and some important personal data in order to be saved and the customer is not required to re-enter his details when he requests various available services as well as in the issuance of tickets and benefiting from promotional offers codes of which will be sent to customer e-mail.

second: companies

the registration of companies data helps easy communication and speed of submission of requests for various SAT services. it also facilitates the transmission of promotional offers of companies and ensures the benefiting from special prices during the periods of offers. basic details of companies are requested where an authorized person is named to coordinate with the site of the company in terms of requesting services, inquiries, suggestions and complaints.

Article 6: Information Sent To Company’s Website

any information or material sent to the company via the internet through this website becomes the property of Saptco Alsa Transportation “SAT” company. it is well-known that the internet still lacks comprehensive security, therefore, the responsibility of sending any information via the internet is limited to the client alone who bears the consequences associated with this transmission.

Article 7: No Warranty

the company took all the necessary measures for the placement of information in this website and will update this information abreast. the company does not grant any express or implied warranties with regard to accuracy of the information contained in the site or its compliance with reality or the completeness thereof or the extent of newness or appropriateness of timing of information, services or offers. additionally, there is no warranty in relation to the error-free usage of the site for the intended purpose or if this information is complete or no. the customer should always make sure that the offers, prices and terms and conditions displayed in the site are still valid since the company reserves the right of modifying the same any time without prior notice.

Article 8: Disclaimer

whatever the case or circumstance might be, the company does not hold responsibility with regard to any of the following. for example and not limited to, negligenc that causes any damages or harm of any kind whether they were direct, accidental, special or consequential, or any expenses or losses that may arise due to customer’s usage of this site or the inability to use it, or the occurrence of some mistakes of omissions, or the late response of the system (due to defects in communication system) or interrupted operation or the occurrence of crashes or the exposure of computers to viruses, or full system failure, or the loss of any profits, or the ill exposure of client’s reputation even if an explicit notice was served indicating the likeliness of occurrence of these matters, or the occurrence of problems due to access to the site, or usage or access other sites through this site. the company does not issue any statements or guarantees in relation to accuracy, function or performance of any program of another party which might be used in connection with the site.

Article 9: Privacy

the company is aware of customer’s need to know how his personal information will be dealt with. it also realizes the size of his concern in relation to privacy, confidentiality and security of the information that the compay may obtain through the internet. the company reassures the customer in this regard that it is committed to maintain this information as highly private and confidential.

this statement features company’s current policy in relation to privacy and confidentiality and that the usage of company’s site by the customer means that he accepts the terms and conditions as well as this statement of privacy and confidentiality.

Article 10: Conditions Of Service Rendering And Prices

the usage of site by the customer and his request for services is associated with his certain knowledge of the costs of these services as well as their fees and all the information pertaining to them whether they were inside or outside company’s site. the available offers and prices are not guaranteed since the company preserves the right to amend the same without prior notice or responsibility. the customer does not have the right to sell or offer any service that has been booked earlier to a third party.

the usage of site by a customer means that he accepts the -bills and dealing with the same pertaining to payment at banks or electronic payment (sadad system) or the filing of complaints. Saptco Alsa Transportation “SAT” company rejects any responsibility or financial claims as a result.

customer acknowledges that he has reviewed the provisions of the document of service conditions of Saptco Alsa Transportation “SAT” company.

Article 11: Changes And Updates

the company preserves the right to modify these terms and conditions or fully replace them with other new terms and conditions or replace a page or more in its website without prior notice. the continuous access to the site by the customer or the usage of the same means that he accepts the changes that have been made in the site as mentioned earlier.

the company preserves the right to modify the entire site or part of it or suspend the same temporarily or permanently without prior notice and at any time it deems fit. the customer accepts the fact that the company cannot be held responsible before him or any other parties for any site change, stoppage or suspension.

the modification that takes place in relation to terms and conditions is applicable to all company’s sites and services.

Article 12: Customer’s Security Obligations

the customer should keep his pin in a safe and confidential place at all times and take necessary steps that prevent unauthorized usage of it, like:

  • not writing or recording pin in a way that enables others to know it.
  • not inform anyone including company’s staff about the pin.
  • destroy the incoming notices from the company with regard to pin following the receipt of the same (if any).
  • avoid choosing confidential numbers and passwords which can be guessed quickly like telephone numbers, birth dates .. etc.
  • don’t write pin in any auto-save programs (like any screen that displays the feature (remember password or similar) on internet browser.
  • when the client accesses the site of Saptco Alsa Transportation “SAT” company, he should not leave internet service running at any time or allow someone else to use the internet before he logs out. he should make sure prior to logging and closing the browser that he used to connect to the service at the end of the period.
  • the customer should not access the site of Saptco Alsa Transportation “SAT” company from any computer that is connected to a local network or from devices available to the public before he makes sure that no person could watch him or copy his details or impersonate his character in order to access the site of Saptco Alsa Transportation “SAT” company.
  • the customer must inform the company immediately of any unauthorized access or any unauthorized instructions he might know of or he is doubt ofor when suspicions arise about someone who could know the pin. in this case, he should change the password immediately. he should also assist the company and the security authorities in the restoration of losses, if any, and the company might pass information about the customer to the police or any other party if such act could stop losses or help the restoration of the same.
  • the customer should not cause any electronic harm to the site or the rendered services or any sites connected to it.
  • the customer should not deal with any hacker to break into the site or cause any harm to it or the data contained therein. the customer undertakes not to transmit any chain letters which could cause big pressure on the site and affect its performance, or cause problems to users and their data.

Article 13: Customer Requests

1. consequences of client requests

the customer authorizes the company to act in accordance with the requests that seem correct and complying with principles even if they contradict with any other requests that have been made at any time in respect of the required serices. he also accepts the calculation of charges against this service.

2. implementation of instructions

the requests of services conveyed through the site by the entry of customer’s password shall be implemented.

3. the failure of the other party

the company is not responsible for any failure of any party in the implementation of instructions or any delay or mistakes which could have been made by that party at the time of implementation of instructions regardless of reasons.

4. completeness and accuracy of instructions

the customer should make sure that the required data is accurate and complete. any incomplete data shall not be accepted while the customer should bear the consequences of the mistakes that result from the incomplete data.

Article 14: General Provisions

1. jurisdiction and applicable law:

this document is subject to the system of electronic transactions, the system of computer- related crimes control and communication system and construed in accordance with these systems. the customer and the company hereby agree to refer any dispute or disagreement that may arise from the terms and conditions to the competent judicial authority.

2. the reference in case of disagreement of two parties records

in case of disagreement of data submitted by both parties, the reference that would settle the dispute will be the data contained in the records of the company.

Article 15: How Can I Cancel My Reservation?

1. Refunds are available at SAT (SAT Alsa For Transportation) stations, or through SAT Alsa For Transportation agencies (depending on the agency).

2. Reservations canceled with over 48 hours' notice from the scheduled departure time will be refunded, with a 5% administrative fee deducted.

3. Reservations canceled with less than 48 hours' notice from the scheduled departure time will be refunded, with a 30% administrative fee deducted.

4. Reservations canceled less than 1 hour before the scheduled departure time are not eligible for any refund.

5. Special conditions apply to discounted tickets, pre-purchased tickets, and promotional tickets, so please refer to the promotion terms.

6. Refund requests may take up to 14 business days to process.